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To participate in the Voces y Lugares videoconferencing project, we recommend that new partners have access to H.323 or H.320 conferencing systems, with H.323 preferred. Contact Lisa Perez at the Von Steuben Science Academy, Chicago Public Schools.

To browse our site, you should have either Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator, version 4.0 or later. At minimum, you should set the resolution of your computer's screen to 800 pixels wide by 600 pixels tall, and allow for thousands of colors. Ideally, your screen should be set to 1024 pixels wide, with millions of colors.

This site uses CSS, JavaScript, DHTML, and other current technologies for essential content presentation. A 33.6 modem or faster internet connection is recommended; a 56K modem is ideal. Almost all streaming audio and video on e-poets.net is accessible through RealPlayer from Real Networks. Some legacy audio files are playable with the Quicktime player from Apple Computer, version 3.0 or later. No other digital media codecs/players are used here.

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