Voces y Lugares: Hispanic poets in Chicago


1 April 2003: Beatriz Badikian

We began the 2003 series with a well-known and cosmopolitan Chicago author, Beatriz Badikian. She is widely published, and her travels between Europe, Argentina, and the United States distinguish her as one of Chicago's most pan-Hispanic authors. Her poetry in Spanish and English regards the histories of the countries where she is home. Badikian is a voice for remembrance, inviting us to appreciate the heroic lives of people who have struggled to find freedom for themselves across the Américas. A chapter for Beatriz Badikian in the Book of Voices supports classroom interaction.

The 2003 Voces program will continue from spring into autumn semesters, with new poets featured when students return to school for the 2003-2004 academic year. Other Hispanic poets in the Book of Voices whom you may wish to study, are on our links page.

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