Voces y Lugares: Hispanic poets in Chicago


31 May 2002: Frank Varela

Our final set of videoconferences feature Frank Varela. Mr. Varela is an accomplished writer who has published two volumes of poetry, Serpent Underfoot and Bitter Coffee, and has published children's stories in Front Row. Other noteworthy publications featuring his work include Another Chicago Magazine (ACM), Halogen, Hammers, The Americas Review, and the Guild Complex's anthology Power Lines. He holds degrees from the Catholic University of Puerto Rico, Central Michigan University, and the University of Wisconsin at Madison. A chapter for Frank Varela in the Book of Voices supports Voces y Lugares.

26 April 2002: Brenda Cárdenas

Our second videoconference featured Latina poet Brenda Cárdenas. Cárdenas is an interlingual Mexican-American poet; her work is freely composed in both Spanish and English. Cárdenas is also a poetry editor and teacher who resides in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood. Her poetry expresses much range in texual style and interdisciplinary form. She has performed her work solo, in classical recitals with chamber music, with video art installations, and with her rock band Sonido Ink(quieto). Online support for Ms. Cárdenas includes a new chapter in the Book of Voices. Advance audio CD support was given to participating schools.

11 April 2002: Elizabeth Marino

Our project launched with a multi-site videoconference originating at Northeastern Illinois University, featuring Elizabeth Marino. We offered a companion audio CD, website support, and a printable study guide to participating schools.

Ms. Marino is an accomplished writer from Chicago with much experience in education, poetry, critique, and theater. Her curriculum vitae is available in the study guide. We this program was conducted mostly in English.


Other Hispanic poets in the Book of Voices whom you may wish to study, are on our links page.

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